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Biniac L'Argentina

Updated: Feb 27

The navetas


2000 BC (Pre-talaiotic) — 800 BC (Talaiotic II)


Structure: 6 m (diameter)

Chamber: 4.3 m (length) × 1.8 m (width)

Corridor: 1.7 m (length)

At the site Biniac-L'Argentina there are two navetas, east and west, and they're the most significant navetas of the ancient type, being intermediate between dolmens (e.g. Ses Roques Llises) and late type navetas like the ones at Rafal Rubí and Es Tudons. Dating the navetas is difficult since these structures were used until the Talaiotic period, as evidenced by excavations of the western naveta that revealed modifications and expansions, but according to the intermediate evolution of these navetas, it is necessarily one of the oldest.

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