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Rafal Rubí

Updated: Feb 27

This site contains not one, but two different navetas, called Rafal Rubí north and Rafal Rubí south, and both are practically twins. They're both late type navetas, although slightly older and larger than the famous naveta from Es Tudons. The Rafal Rubí south still preserves slabs that were used as shelves in both ends of the lower chamber, whereas the northern naveta is too destroyed to assess whether it also had them.

The southern naveta


Pre-talaiotic (2000-1400 BC) — Talaiotic I (1400-1000 BC)


Structure: 16.5 m (length) × 8.1 (m)

Lower chamber: 6.8 m (length) × 2.5 m (width)

Upper chamber: 8.9 m (length) × 1.9 m (width)

Corridor: 2.7 m (length) × 0.9 m (width)

During the excavations of the southern naveta, 29 burials were identified, although with very little burial paraphernalia. This might indicate that the upper floor of the naveta was an ossarium where older rests were stored. The scarce ceramic fragments that were found are dated to the end of the Pre-talaiotic period and early Talaiotic, which is a common practice as these monuments were still used well into the Talaiotic period. Nothing was found in the lower floor, because it was emptied in ancient times to house livestock.

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