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About me


Greetings! I introduce myself as Carlos Vermeersch, a biologist and translator of Spanish and Belgian heritage residing in the enchanting Canary Islands. My expertise consists in wildlife photography (both handheld and drone cameras) and scientific illustration (accredited by the Museo de Naturaleza y Arqueología). I have ventured into the realms of photogrammetry, forensic facial reconstruction (by the University of Burgos), and map creation.

I have worked for the City Hall of El Paso in the Canary Islands, providing them with scientific illustrations used for information boards for nature trails. I also have had the honour of creating scientific illustrations for the Museo de la Seda "Las Hilanderas".

Some of my photography is used in the Banco de Datos de Biodiversidad de Canarias (BDBC), a database that collects information of all the known native flora and fauna of the Canary Islands, amounting to 22,000 species and subspecies.

In July 2016, I began working for a Canarian airline magazine as a writer and photographer. My monthly articles, titled "Wild Canaries," explored the captivating wildlife of the islands. The positive reception, including praise from my university teachers, inspired me to share nature and history on my blog. Some of my articles gained a somewhat widespread attention, reaching esteemed palaeontologists. This encouraged me to take my blog to the next level, committing to it professionally and full-time. With gratitude, I intend to uncover the wonders of the Canaries and the world, sharing its beauty and stories with the world.

When delving into the past to create my history-related content, I often turn to primary sources written in their original languages like Latin, Ancient Greek, Middle Persian and Arabic. For my nature-related content, I draw upon a combination of self-taught knowledge, university education, and field observations captured during my photographic trips. It is through this humble blend of sources and experiences that I seek to share my passion for history and nature with the world.

Once again, I extend my heartfelt gratitude for gracing my virtual abode. Join me as we embark on a captivating exploration, where the wonders of wildlife and history converge.

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