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Prehistory and history of the Balearic Islands: Menorca

Updated: Feb 27

Amidst the waters of the western Mediterranean Sea lies a small, remote island that is an entire world of its own – full of wildlife, history, legends, mysteries and conflicts: Menorca. It is one of the four Balearic Islands, the others being Majorca, Ibiza and Formentera, along with many minor islands and islets close to the biggest islands, such as Cabrera, Dragonera and S’Espalmador.

Prehistory reaches back more than 4 millennia into the past, from megalithic tombs to the Pretalaiotic and Talaiotic cultures – times of which barely no written sources exist, and ruins are virtually the only testimony. During the Archaic Period, the Phoenicians that sailed near Menorca to reach their colonies could see bonfires shining from the top of the defensive towers, called talaiots, that littered the Menorcan landscape. Menorca is unique in its primeval quality, due to the tremendous amount of magnificent megalithic and cyclopean ruins, like navetas, taulas and talaiots, which always seem to blend in so harmoniously with its surroundings.

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