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Son Mercer de Baix

Updated: Feb 27

Despite its small size, it is really spectacular: It lies on the top of a cliff, the Barranco d'en Fideu, granting it beautiful views, and furthermore it is the best preserved navetiform village. There are also foundations of other navetiforms left. The village has a privileged strategic location, as it is built on the confluence of two different fluvial ravines.

The navetiform (Sa Cova des Moro)


Pre-talaiotic (2000-1400 BC) — Talaiotic I (1400-1000 BC)


Structure: 17.3 m (length) × 7.2 m (width)

Chamber: 13 m (length) × 3.6 m (width)

The navetiforms present an elongated horseshoe-shaped plan, and are of cyclopean masonry. Three polylithic pillars of the Mediterranean type (wider at the top) support an atypical ceiling for navetiforms built with slabs. Normally, ceilings of navetiforms are made out of wooden beams and mortar. Due to the greater durability and resistance of the structure, this navetiform has lasted to our days in a great state.

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